Thursday, March 5, 2020

None So Blind

The Mister: What are you making?
Me: It's a sweater.
The Mister: A sweater? Who's it for?
Me: Me.
The Mister:

I've been knitting this sweater at the breakfast table every morning over coffee since January 5th and yesterday he finally noticed. It only took two months.

That giant Mosi sweater might be invisible but the latest Mosi hat is certainly not going to be.


  1. I'm absolutely swooning over that sweater. I know myself. I would never, ever, ever have the patience to do so much colorwork. It's so pretty though. I admire you my friend. And the new yarn colors are wonderful.

  2. Funny, my daughter and I were just talking about what our husbands notice versus what we notice - it's kind of fascinating!
    That sweater is totally gorgeous!!

  3. LOL. gorgeous - both the sweater and the newest yarn for your newest hat!

  4. LOL, that sounds familiar. One time I was blocking a giant lace pi-shawl and my husband came home from worked, asked what it was, & I said it was the shawl I'd been knitting on the whole car ride back from Florida. (I'd been sitting beside him knitting it for 12+ hours just a few days prior.) His response was simply "You didn't make that" and he walked away. End of discussion. But, considering he doesn't see his car keys laying on the table most mornings.... :)
    Your sweater is beautiful and the hat will be stunning!

  5. Even though it has gone unnoticed, your sweater is just beautiful! Love that purple yarn also.

  6. The sweater is indeed a work of art! My DH pays little attention either. The new hat will be a feast for the eyes while knitting!

  7. I can knit stuff for Dave right in front of him, and he's always surprised when he gets it. He pays zero attention to what I'm knitting.

  8. I think they are all like that. My husband can never keep up with what I am making. By the way your sweater, which I would have noticed, is gorgeous!