Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Sewing down the binding on the Dresden has not been as much fun as I hoped.

This is usually one of my favorite parts of quilting but this thing was too big for the space I have for it. It's not a huge quilt. It's just too big for right now. All my weaving and spinning doodads are sharing my sewing space and it's pretty cramped. I can barely open the door.

 In this cramped space I am having to use my soap table on another of the Dear Jane blocks. I said I wasn't going to dig her out for the duration of the remodeling mess but she actually takes up very little space and requires just enough concentration that I can take my mind off of my worries for a short while.

 This is a real challenge of a block. I have to make a tiny nine patch for all the corners and the center. Yikes.

In Quarantine news I've managed to add this latest delivery to my cardboard box pantry. Lunch is the one meal I didn't plan very well for. A McVitties Digestive covered in thick soynut butter will stick to your ribs. Add a cup of tea and you won't need to eat until dinner. 


  1. Isn't it funny. Sewing the border is my least favorite part of quilt making. We're all so different aren't we? That's what makes life interesting.
    I think I'm going to have to resort to Amazon if we need food. Grocery pickup at Walmart is out till April 4th. My favorite store doesn't offer delivery and I'm not about to go shopping. I think I could still use a delivery service if I get desperate.
    They just put us on lockdown starting in 48 hours. Still not sure if Dennis will be able to continue working. He's in an agriculture business which is supposed to be exempt so I guess we'll see. Life is so strange right now.

  2. Your fabrics are so pretty. But I know what you mean about cramped spaces - I hate that. I think I heard that PA is now under "Shelter in Place" which means I shouldn't even go to a rail to walk. YIKES!!!

  3. I've been watching a lot of old BBC productions and the 'digestives' remind me of that! You are so close to ending the dresden plates!

  4. Oooooooooooooo...that just reminded me of something I should add to the shopping list. Sun BUTTER!

  5. Seeing your photos of the Dear Jane pieces reminded me that I should order some more clips. I like using them for binding.

  6. I have conquered the problem of having too much quilt and too little room by folding the quilt several times leaving the edge I am working on to the top. Then I can loosely roll that and work on a smaller segment continuing to roll as I work. Your Dear Jane blocks are always so beautiful when completed.

  7. My Mom enjoys hand sewing the bindings...I am certain I would not. Your dear janes look tiny!

  8. Ohhhhh I 'll have to try them. I tend to skip breakfast. :) so I need a good lunch that isn't full of fat and cals, but proteiin