Monday, September 23, 2019

Weekend Warrior

 I did something this weekend that I rarely do. I went downtown to eat. Daughter and I met DIL who was in town for a conference at Jaleo near the Capitol One Arena.

The evening all started out reasonably well considering we were late for our reservation. Driving through downtown DC on a Friday night is a skill us suburbanites don't have. Daughter did pretty well considering-minus the close call with a pedestrian. Whew.

The food at Jaleo is glorious.

Everything is bite sized and delicious.

 The problem was-and isn't there always one, is that between the hair raising journey and my empty tummy none of these fabulous dishes sat well. I spent the evening running back and forth to the ladies room feeling like a regular fool. When you don't have a gall bladder certain foods can make you miserable pretty quick so I'm always worried when I eat new-to-me dishes. I never did get sick. In fact, when we got home I was starving leading me to believe it was the sangria and not the food that did the deed. Sigh.......

 In spite of the tummy drama I had a great time. Being downtown on a gorgeous night was such a treat.   I also spent the night at Daughter's to save myself from that long, late night drive home so I got to spend lots of time with little Miss Emi. When I woke up she was sitting nearby and there was a stuffed mouse in my shoe. I think we are finally friends.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww...Miss Emi is adorable and yes, she has added you among the trusted and worthy to have one of her toys.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful evening to be with your daughter and DIL, so sorry about the stomach issues. Sangria? Who knew?

  3. I'm glad you had the time with your girls but sorry about the tummy drama. I understand very well as I also don't have a gallbladder. I also have to drink a very vile concoction every morning because of it. Otherwise tummy drama is every meal for me no matter what I eat. I'm sorry.
    But...Emi is just so sweet. She obviously loves you now.

  4. OMG - the food looks amazing. Sorry you did not feel the love of it! Looks like Emi thinks you are keeper!!

  5. Nice to have a night out with both 'daughters'!
    And what a sweet treat to have Emi saying she loves you!

  6. Emi has definitely claimed you as one of her own!

  7. What a great girls' night out but a bummer about the stomach issues. Looks like you are definitely Emi's friend and family since she left a toy in your shoe. She is so cute.

  8. Ugh. Gallbladder tummy - that can be so much fun. Not! It would be worth it for sangria though. I love sangria! Glad it was a stuffed mouse, and that Emi has decided you're a friend. :)

  9. Oh Mouse in shoe is the true sign of love!
    Sorry, my tummy acts up too and it drives me nuts

  10. Oh yes a mouse in your shoe is a sign of love for sure:) That food looks great...presentation was great...too bad your tummy didn't like it. I know mine wouldn't have :(