Sunday, September 22, 2019


 I am so happy fall is officially here and I'll be even happier to get rid of this fall soap so I can start playing with my winter scents. I've got some new ones to giveaway like Spellbound Woods from Brambleberry. They describe it as a mix of amber, sandalwood and vanilla.

I've also got some good old standbys like Oatmeal and Honey. Another new one is Autumn Equinox from Nuture Soap. They describe it as mint, herbs oakmoss and cinnamon. That sounds awful but I really like it.

 I've got Fresh Picked Apple and Raspberry Vanilla. Both are yummy if you are into fruity scents.

 Pumpkin Oud is strong. If you like pumpkin spice this one's for you. Sweater Weather is new. It's a warm mix of sandalwood, oakmoss and jasmine.

Mediterranean Fig is my all time favorite. It doesn't smell like figs but I love it. Lavender Honey is another oldie but goodie. 

I've got a new Halloween soap. All Soul's Night is a sweeter version of my old standby Witch's Brew which is on the right. They both smell like patchouli although All Soul's Night is supposed to be frankincense and neroli with a hint of lime. 

You know the deal. Give me your FOUR favorite soap scents and some time this fall I will see that you get TWO of them. I also have a box full of leftovers from the ladies lunch so let me know what you'd like as a ride along. I've got cuticle cream, lip balm, lotion bars and bath tea. 

Message me your choices and mailing details over on Ravelry. I'm Araignee.
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  1. Another generous giveaway Debra. Everything looks wonderful.

  2. I cannot imagine the symphony of aromas! You are so generous - it's hard to decide on favorites because they all wound lovely!

  3. List sent! :) I love these posts (and your soap.) I always feel like I'm waiting for Santa to see what he'll bring me. Thank you so much for doing this.

  4. What a perfect array of soap you've created this time!

  5. They are all so beautiful. Thank you so much! I love your blog.