Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Big Needle Wednesday

 The socks are not showing as much progress as I'd like. I've got a really, really great sock project in the works so these need to be a done deal before the yarn gets here.

 I've got one more repeat on both the shawl and the scarf. The green scarf is officially in time out now until spring. I'm not feeling it anymore. Even though the AC is still on, my head is telling me it's fall.

Northern Lights is getting a liner in sport weight acrylic. The jury is still out on whether it will fit but it's getting a liner anyway. I never argue with my inner knit voice. It usually knows more than I do.

Daughter's wild and crazy Maine yarn is becoming a Mandelbrot.

It's a hat that with a brim that you knit flat than seam. It helped me get the size right for a change. I'm not so sure I like the seed stitch on the brim but I've got another whole skein to play with so I might try a garter pattern next time.


  1. I'm liking all of your projects but that shawl always gets me. It's gorgeous.

  2. Northern Lights sure is pretty. Those colors are awesome together.

  3. All of your projects look great! My (one) sock seems to be going slowly as well...but I have not been knitting at work this week. The hat pattern is really interesting. Thanks for the link!

  4. Everything is looking wonderful! I wish I had the urge to knit because I have a major project planned for this Christmas but just the thought of touching wool is putting me off. I keep looking at the weather forecast and seeing 7's and 8's = ready for some cool weather!

  5. Northern Lights is beautiful, but then so are all of your projects.

  6. All of your projects are looking beautiful! The socks on the right in the first photo are my favorite. Love the hat for your daughter. I actually like the seed stitch on the brim.

  7. I'm in the same boat--get this sock done before I can play with prettier yarn! Ha.
    The handspun shawl is looking very nice and even Fall colored so you can finish that and wear it!
    The new hat is very clever-nice use of that fun yarn!

  8. All your projects look great and I love your solution to the crazy Maine yarn.

  9. Very interesting hat! Sounds easy enough! :)