Sunday, September 1, 2019

Lots of Kitties

 Before I left home on Friday I had a few minutes to spend with Rainbow Kitty.

He/she has a tail now and a new orange stripe under its chin.

 I also took out the star I had begun with. It was ugly and I hated the wool I used for it.

It left a bit of a mess. I hope it sorts itself out.

 Now for the real kitties. Emi is not hiding anymore. She's out and about tearing the place up as a kitten should.

 Senior kitty is her usual grumpy self.

Daughter's two sister kitties are big now but really still kittens themselves. It makes for a much livelier day. So far it's been all play all day around here. I hope they wear themselves out soon. I need a nap.


  1. LOL

    Kitties must play --- especially when you want to nap. It's kitty law. LOL Emi's eyes are beautiful!

  2. Oh, how sweet! Enjoy all of the kitty love!

  3. Great kitty pics! I love the one of Emi. She looks so startled.

  4. What fun! I'm glad Emi is no longer hiding under the bed.

  5. What beautiful cats you have to keep you company! Love the expression on Senior Kitty's face. Emi doesn't look quite so small. Love each stripe you add to rainbow kitty. Happy September!!!

  6. I love all of the kitty pictures. They all look happy and content that you're there. Well, except Senior Kitty looks a bit disgusted. :-)
    I'm glad Emi isn't hiding from you anymore. She knows you're Grandma!

  7. Kitty sitting can be exhausting! Hope you are enjoying your alone time, well if you can call it that with all those kitties around.

  8. Happy September! It sounds like you're having lots of kitty fun.

  9. My daughter just moved to a new house and one of her cats was so upset he hid in the yard for a whole day! We were all just frantic and worried till the little bugger decided to show himself! What a cute little group of felines you get to keep company with. Enjoy!