Monday, September 9, 2019

Sew Sew Sunday

It's football season!!!! I've never watched a game in my life but I am soooo excited about it. It means The Mister is down in the man cave all day on Sundays so I get to do whatever I want and I want to sew. I've got projects that have been calling my name for months.

 That table runner that is in the left bottom corner of the photo has been on my table for years and it needs to go. I need a fall replacement. I had a leftover jellyroll in fall materials so the first thing I did was do some chopping. I had found a very simple pattern and was all ready to get started when......

 ....of course I got sidetracked. When I went to dig out some more material I found this. Hmmmm....I could use a new fall apron and I'd forgotten about the Day of the Dead material I had found on clearance at Walmart ages ago.

 Ta dah....all I can say is that this adventure ate up my day and reminded me how much I hate making aprons. I love wearing them. Hate making them. I had planned on making two but stopped at one.

 For those of you who couldn't get enough of my new little grandkitty here are some photos Daughter sent me.

Awwwww.....I sure miss her.


  1. Love that sweet little Emi. I enjoyed seeing your sewing and glad you have time for it now. That apron pattern is just the thing. I love aprons too but have never made one.

  2. Nice to dig right into your fabric and get into a sewing project! The kitten is a show stopper!

  3. Getting sidetracked is what sewing is all about. Aprons can be fussy to make. I like the pattern you used. Sweet Emi is a heartbreaker.

  4. LOVE the apron! It's so easy to get side-tracked with fabric.

    Emi is adorable as always

  5. Love your apron and your fabrics for your new table runner are beautiful. What a nice touch of fall. Adorable kitten as always.

  6. Love the apron and the picture of Emi looking at the sandwich/toast... is Precious!

  7. Grand kitty is absolutely amazingly cute cute cute.
    Love the day of the dead apron. Zach , my son has a dad of the dead birthday . SO it is very special to us.

  8. That kitty is just adorable and her name is perfect. It just fits her!!

  9. Aprons are my dear daughter's weakness but I have to admit to disliking sewing them, too. I've turned to Etsy creators over the past years - she would love your apron!
    Never too many adorable kitty photos - I say keep them coming!

  10. Good luck with all those sewing projects. That little kitty is so cute. I can sure see why it was hard to leave her behind.