Friday, September 13, 2019


Yesterday I was up at 4 am so The Mister could go catch a cooler full of crabs with his brother. I spent the rest of the day out of sorts. It was hot as heck again so the best thing I can say about yesterday is that it's over.  They are promising that today will be cooler. They better be right.

To make up for no real content today, how about the photo Daughter sent me of Emi getting a new llama toy?  Isn't that just the cutest little llama? I want one too.


  1. Fresh crabs! I wish I was at your house. I love crab. And sweet little Emi. I'm glad she's come out of her shell. Oh! A pun. Crabs and shell. I didn't intend that. :-)
    The llama is really cute. I love llama's and sheep. The wool you know. Oh, and alpaca too.

  2. Emi is pretty cute too.

    Hope you got your cooler weather today. We did.

  3. We got the switch to no humidity about 6 last night so hoping it is on its way to you, too!
    Clouds help...
    Emi is delightful!

  4. Emi sure is cute! Those crabs look delicious! But, I will admit that I hate picking crab...I like it already picked by someone else - lol.

  5. Not sure which is cuter - Emi or the lama. Hope it cooled off up your way. Here, it is 23 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday!

  6. Yesterday was miserable here with record temperatures. Today should be about ten degrees cooler. I see signs of fall but no fall temperatures in the forecast yet. That is such a sweet photo of Emi and her paw grasping the llama. Sure you made something delicious with the crabs.

  7. It's a toss up. The llama is pretty darn cute but that Emi has sure got it going on too. I'll take one of each. ;-) I'm waiting for a cool down here too. We've got hot with air quality alerts. It's miserable!

  8. Cute photo! Cute llama, too. Enjoy those fresh crabs. Come on over, it's cool and rainy here.