Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 I've got the two sheep done on the September block.

 One thing I noticed before I got started was that the next four blocks have nothing in them. It seems like last fall's stitching time was hard to come by. I'm going to have to work pretty hard to keep on my schedule of having it done by January 1st.

 I brought along my crewel work but this is as far as I'm going. I really need my floor stand. It's a pain trying to juggle the frame when you need two hands for the stitches.

That nasty block is done and I've got another one in progress for Dear Jane.

Everyone always wonders where the papers go when you finish a block. You gently peel back the seams and then just pull them out. I haven't pulled out any of mine because I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the blocks.

At night I plop on the couch with my audio book and get a few rings quilted. I must be getting near the end of them. At least I hope so. I'm almost afraid to look.

It's hard to believe I'm already on day 5 of my sitting adventure. Here's today's kitty pix. She's turned into a regular monster. She gets up with the sun and tears the place up and then crashes for the rest of the afternoon, thank goodness. If not I wouldn't be getting anything done.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...the life of a kitten! She sure couldn't be cuter!

    Love the sheep blocks. That's such a pretty project.

  2. Emi is SO cute! I really like the brown block on your paper piecing and of course, I always love those sweet sheep.
    Enjoy your grand kitties.

  3. That cat is just darling! And your projects are all beautiful. You are getting a lot accomplished!!

  4. Aww! Emi is so cute! Love those little sheep. There's something about their ears that touches my heart. Your blue & white Dear Jane square reminds me of a hurricane symbol, which seems pretty appropriate right about now. :) Hope you stay safe & dry!

  5. I'm continually amazed at the variety of your talents and interests.

  6. So much accomplished!
    She is just the perfect kitten!

  7. Emi is adorable! Those Dear Jane block are so pretty. You are making so much progress with your projects. Love the sampler more each time you show it.

  8. Finally got a chance to catch up on the week - so much kitty adorableness!! Love the lamb stitching; that is really going to be a beautiful finished piece! And, thank you for the explanations of paper piecing a quilt! I think it looks like a neat process and I may be able to talk my daughter into sharing the work on one with me!

  9. Kittens are so crazy and so cute! Love your projects, every single one!

  10. I'm glad you are getting some projects done--kitty time has to be entertaining!