Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Big Needle Wednesday: Unraveled

 When I spent the night with Daughter on Friday I took along the hat I was making for her.

 She hated it. She liked the fit but hated how the colors of the Chroma were working with the yarn she had bought in Maine. One of her kitties kept me company early Saturday morning while I ripped it all out.

 Instead of the Chroma I'm just going to double up the wonky Maine yarn and instead of seed stitch I am using garter for the brim. Let's hope the second time is the charm.

Since she wanted the hat for her trip to Iceland I thought I would surprise her with another hat in an authentic Icelandic pattern. This is Mosi by Helene Magnusson the author of Icelandic Handknits. If she hates this one I am NOT ripping it out. I'm keeping it.

 I've also got an FO to show off. My latest Wandering Cat socks are done. Thanks again Valerie, they really were a treat to knit.

They've taken their place in the gift pile or the maybe not gift pile. I'm trying to decide which pair I will keep for myself.

As you can see I don't need anymore socks so I am only allowing myself one new pair a year. One in. One out. Now how to decide who has to go to make room in the sock drawer? They're like family to me.


  1. WOW! That sock drawer rocks! I only have four pair of my knitted socks because I keep giving them all away. I do plan to make more for myself this winter.
    The Mosi hat is going to be stunning. I understand why there will be no ripping of that hat.
    Have a wonderful day Debra.

  2. I've got way too many socks, too, but I love them all! The new attempt at the wonky yarn will work this time! The Icelandic hat is superb!

  3. The colourwork hat looks amazing! Now I want to make one.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the yarn! I'm still trying to work through the leftovers from the shop. It's going to take me years!!!!!

    Socks don't leave my sock drawer until they have holes! It's getting hard to close that drawer!

  4. Oh my! I LOVE the Icelandic hat! I'm a little jealous of your sock drawer. I haven't knit myself socks in ages and since I tend to walk down the driveway to get the mail in my sock feet.... My drawer is looking a little sad these days.

  5. Your gift pile is just beautiful and I am sure anyone on the gift list will love them. Your sock drawer is awesome! It would make me smile each time I went to pull out a pair of socks. Good luck with the hats.