Thursday, September 19, 2019

Au Naturale

 The All Natural towel kit from Cotton Clouds is finally off the loom.

 It's a big one.

 It felt kind of loosey goosey when I was trimming it.

Even after zig zaging it and hemming it I felt like I just couldn't chuck it in the wash to block it.

 I soaked it instead and then put it in the dryer to shrink it up and hopefully stabilize it.

It did shrink and plump up a bit and it does feel much better now. I'll be throwing it in the wash with the next load of kitchen linens so I'll be crossing my fingers it comes out in one piece.

 As for warping drama, I somehow managed to add one whole color pattern repeat more than my loom could hold. It was no fun taking it all off.

It didn't take long to fix but it was pretty hair raising. I'm hoping that was the last of the drama with this new project but I doubt it. It's always something.


  1. The new one is pretty colors too. Hope it behaves nicely for you.

  2. Your towel is so pretty. Fingers crossed the washing goes well. I really like the fall colors of the new one too.

  3. Love the finished towel: I'm surprised at the difference the soak made in its appearance and texture.

  4. How beautiful! I love the towel and it certainly will plump up in the washer/dryer! Nice to have the new thread to go right on the loom!

  5. As always, I've learned something from your blog! I can imagine feeling something that seems too loose and wondering "will this hold up?'"I love the colors of both projects!

  6. The completed towel is very pretty. It has such a soft look. The colors on the loom are beautiful. They remind me of fall.

  7. The towel is so pretty I hope it survives the washing machine. I can't imagine the temper tantrum I'd throw if it didn't and it was mine.

  8. Your new one is screaming FALL!!!

  9. I feel like I may never weave again due to time constraints and of course two fur boys that will run into a project/loom and ruin everything. Love your new project.