Saturday, September 7, 2019


It's a good thing my kitty sitting adventure is coming to an end. I'm getting a bit stir crazy. I'm at the point now where I could do myself some serious bodily harm. One of the things I've been doing for exercise when I get up at 5 am to feed the yowling kitties is walk knit around the house while I listen to the news.

That was all well and good until I sat down yesterday morning to try to figure out if these sock tops were the same size. I couldn't figure it out so I jumped up to get my tape measure forgetting that the yarn was still in my apron pocket.

 Of course I tripped over the hanging strand but the worse part is that it pulled the knitting down and somehow in my fall it got tangled around my foot so that one of the needles actually went THROUGH my Crocs and put a hole in it and the top of my foot. Ouch.

It's not a big hole in either the Croc or my foot but still, it was scary. My little accident also pulled out the needles so I had also had a yarn mess to fix.

The kitties took all the early morning commotion in stride. I think I should be heading home tomorrow. I think.

Daughter's having such a good time she's threatening never to come home.

Who can blame her. Maine is such a beautiful place.


  1. Oh, boy! Yup, our days of quickly jumping up should be over b/c of the clutter we have in our laps at all times sitting!!!! Glad it wasn't worse--the socks look great btw!

  2. Glad you're okay. I've never tried walking and knitting, which is probably a very good thing!

  3. LOL, sorry I'm laughing, it's just that I can picture that happening to me.... Except for the fact that I'm way too uncoordinated to attempt to walk and knit at the same time. Glad you're okay!

  4. Glad you are okay and didn't crash into anything when you fell. I am impressed that you can walk and knit at the same time. (I certainly could not!) Cute kitten photo.

  5. Glad everything worked out okay.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am definitely not coordinated enough to walk and knit too. I drop everything constantly. I'm sure glad you're not hurt badly. Your kitties at home will be so glad to see you as will the Mister.

  7. I admire anyone who can do two things at once...I would be a bloody mess knitting and walking!:(

  8. umm, knitting and walking, I would probably kill myself! Be careful!!
    Don't blame daughter, Maine is really beautiful. I thought about moving there when I was in CT, but the winters just come some early and are more fierce. So I moved back to the west coast instead.