Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yet Another Moving Day

 I am always packing Daughter up and watching her drive away. This is her 8th move in 10 years. She must have some Gypsy in her.

 You'd think she would just stop unpacking and live out of boxes.

This little house is now history. The For Sale sign will be going up next week.

She put a lot of money and energy into making it adorable but her and hubby aren't really house people. The recent break in sealed the deal so away they go once again.

She's trading the suburban life to head back into the city. She's on the 5th floor, courtyard side. Major shopping is just an elevator ride away. Metro's just minutes away. She's got a year's lease in this heavily secured posh new complex but we've still got bets on how soon and where she lands next.

Elns: English paper piecing is when you buy a pack of paper pieces from this online shop and spend a ridiculous amount of time covering all the little paper shapes with fabric in hopes of one day putting them all together to make a quilt. It's oddly addicting to make all the little shapes but tedious to put them all together. I have made a few table runners this way and one baby quilt. The paper pieces hold the fabric together so you can whip stitch the shapes together without a machine making it a very good travel project. You take out the paper when you are ready to turn the thing into a quilt sandwich-a step I have been known to forget.

  Here  and here are some posts that show some runners in progress.

Here is a post about a paper pieced tumbler project of Daddio's and here is his last project that is still in the works. He was the master of piecing.
I hope this answered your question!


  1. Some people just aren't meant to sit still - but as long as she finds happiness where ever she goes!

  2. Changes are hard. How far away will your daughter be now? The piecing looks good and will make a great runner/quilt.

  3. That' s a lot of moves. I'd move too if I was broken in to. Such a violation. Some girls just love the CITY life. Not me. I love that some love it !