Monday, May 18, 2015

Three Days

 Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all mine. The Mister was at his mother's doing some 24/7 care and I was alone. All alone. I am never alone.  It was supposed to be nine whole days in a row but it got pared down to only three at a time when other family members stepped in to help.

There was lots of late night soap making. I could make as much of a mess as I wanted whenever I wanted. It was heaven. This one is sea clay and mint.

 This was baby buttermilk with carrot puree. Using frozen buttermilk with the lye was quite an adventure but I think I nailed it. I have to wait a week to cut this one as it's almost an all olive oil soap and will take a long while to harden.

I lived on salad and cherries. The Mister is a bad influence on my eating habits. He wasn't back here an hour before I was eating the potato chips, Chinese food and cake he brought home.

Having said that,  in his absence I did manage to finish off most of my Mother's Day chocolate.

I did some carding out on the deck in the early morning hours. That's the way to start the day.

 The warp got finished in the quiet of the evening. It's tied on now and ready for weaving.

 Paloma and I got reacquainted. I love this old guitar.

 In anticipation of my little staycation I had bought three books by my favorite author but never got around to reading them.

 I saw the newest edition of one of my favorite series at the library and read it instead.

There was also some afternoon stitching while I finished up my latest audiobook. The Mister wasn't back in the house ten minutes on Sunday when the whole dynamic of the place shifted back from blissful calm to chaos. Sigh... The good news is that he's going back Wednesday and staying until Friday. Good times.


  1. I'm so glad you made the most of your solitude! I love you need home alone but it is rare. You c are going to turn on the soap; I'm glad for you.

  2. I was not familiar with Lillian Beckwith, but now I'm going to look for some of her books - thanks!

  3. Wow. You packed a lot of activities into your weekend. I'm glad you had some "you" time.

  4. I love the cover of BEAUTIFUL JUST.
    Glad you are getting time to indulge in just you.
    My son would love your guitar.
    Happy BOSS OF YOUR DAY Time

  5. Oh my goodness, I read A Rope In Case zillions of years ago and have wanted to go tramp around with a rope in the British Isles ever since. I didn't remember who wrote it . Thank you. Now I can read more.