Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Bad Batch

I had this great idea to make a gardener's bar of soap after The Mister and I came in muddy handed after doing some spring planting in the flower beds.

I went looking for a recipe that had some grittiness to it. I found one that involved corn grits. Bad idea.

I don't know if it was the grits (that sunk right to the bottom) or the cocoa powder I added to look like a dirt dusting but the whole thing was a icky, sticky mess. I'm also sure the tomato powder didn't help. It might have been this particular base. It was the new-to-me Crafter's Choice brand. It took forever to set up. It was no fun to work with-at least not in a loaf mold for layers.

As nasty as it was to work with, it does produce amazing lather and smells wonderful.

I don't usually use bar soap in the kitchen but it has been rather handy having it around. Good thing. I've got a lot of it to use up.


  1. There is a particular melt 'n our that is made to hold grit, etc, suspended...check it out. The soap still u looks great and will accomplish its goals! (BTW, you should get my soap in the mail today!)

  2. Ohhh Lather is everything! Love that

  3. I love your soap adventures! That kitchen bar looks so pretty on your dish towel!

  4. The soap sounds good and looks great on your kitchen cloth.

  5. As long as it works - that's all that matters!

  6. I can't believe the concoctions you come up with for soap. Sounds like you were cleaning out the cupboards. Makes me laugh. Looks great on the sink and the lather looks good.