Thursday, May 14, 2015

Special Delivery

I couldn't wait for these packages to finally get here. I tracked them and I never track things.

The small one contained lye. Who would have ever thought I would be excited about lye but I am.

 The big box had all kinds of stuff to make cold process soap.  I bought more clays for color and fragrance oils.

 This is a cold process sampler kit. Lots of oils and butters.

 There was also a thin and tall mold which is all the fashion in the soap making world these days. Now I need to clear the calendar and get down to business-after I do some serious homework. Playing with lye is no joke. I need to know what I'm doing this time. No errors allowed.


  1. You are getting so close! I'm looking forward to seeing your first batch! (It is much easier than you think!)

  2. Now you be careful. That thumb injury was too awful. ........Hows it looking now?