Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Soap: Redemption

 Between the sweating and the bad batch, I've had my soap making confidence shook up a bit recently. I have to keep telling myself I am just a newbie at this. There's still a lot to learn.

 This project was success until I went to add a little mica sprinkle on top of the glitter. I got mica globs. Next time I need to use a smaller screened sifter.

 This loaf turned out pretty nice. It's calendula and jasmine.

This was made from the same soap base as the bad gardener's batch so it must have been me-or those darn grits. Next time I will use a suspension base-if there is a next time.

 I also had fun with some cake making tools I had stashed away. You can cut out soap like you can fondant. Cool.

 It looks like a jello mold doesn't it?

 It's not. It's rainbow colored glycerin soap. It smells like lavender and lemon. This time my layering was a success. I even used a scale to get the layers even. Aren't I getting fancy shmanchy.

My new favorite is Brambleberry hemp base. I added honey fragrance to it, poured it over bubble wrap and then dusted it with gold mica so it looked like honeycomb. It's fabulous. I've been busy as a bee with this melt and pour soaping thing but that's it for now. I'm out of base and other even bigger soaping adventures are calling.

I also want to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day. I am extending those wishes out to The Mister  (with a box of chocolate for his very own) because he's been doing double duty here. In the mornings he's been helping me get Daddio's house ready to put on the market and in the afternoons he takes an hour drive to his 95 year old Mom's house to give her a hand as she's been on shaky ground lately. It's nice when the whole family rallies around the old folk. He's been lucky that way but now his sister is spending her final days with a son she is losing to cancer and on Thursday his brother and sister in law are taking a well deserved Florida vacation leaving him in charge of Mom-all by himself, for 9 whole days. This should be good-at least for me. I'm locking myself in, turning off the phone and taking a 9 day nap.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Wow, you need a soap graduation cap....these are incredible! The bee honeycomb soap is fantastic!
    I hope things go well with the Mama sitting-and your hibernation!

  2. Your soaps are wonderful!
    Nine day nap...I hope you can knit whilst you sleep!

  3. Love your soaps. especially the jewel-toned ones. Hope the next 9 days or so go well!

  4. I am wishing you a wonderful 9 days. Rejuvenation. It is nice though that you ally rally for family, 'cause it's not really just the elders is it? You guys rally for everyone. Big hearts.

    Beautiful soaps, really pretty! I'd give you both chocolates if I could. xoxo