Friday, May 15, 2015


All it took was a couple of warm days and the world filled in with green. It's like a jungle out there.

 While everything is mostly green, there are a few pops of color.

 My Rhododendron is struggling but it managed a few pretty blooms.

 We've got only one Azalea. I wonder why we don't have more. They love the shade and we've got plenty of it.

 The Vinca vine has taken over but only put out a few blossoms this year.

My favorite Lily of the Valley had a great year until they were overtaken by the green.

They were standouts a few days ago but now they are a part of this tangle. I've heard tell that this summer is going to be brutal. We've already had the AC on for a few days. That's never a good sign for things to come.


  1. So nice to take a yard walk with you; the flowers are so pretty. Quite a greening since last time!

  2. Love your photos. So pretty. We have hostas, lilly of the valley and vinca vines too. I never had luck with the azaleas. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Yes it is a lush green world here in Chicago too right now.
    I for one, am ready for the HEAT . IT was a cold damp week. Cold as in 40s and 50s. Brrr. Enough ! Let the heat begin

  4. All of these photos are fantastic! That first one really does look Jungle-esque! It's really beautiful where you are.

  5. Amazing how fast stuff grows when there's a bit of sunshine, isn't it? It's hard to keep up with here, too.

  6. It got chilly here again - so everything has slowed down. But a couple warm days and I'm going to be awash in blooms!