Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moving Along

 On this past holiday weekend I finally found the time to sit down at the loom and start weaving my latest towel project.

 For the first time ever I used a yarn the thickness of sewing thread for the hem area. I loved the way it looked. I wanted to do the whole towel with it but realized the impracticality of that.

The body of the towel is woven with a two strands of a very stiff cotton which is another first.

Even though this pattern is not at all fussy I'm using lifelines to mark my pattern repeats. It is going to go fast from this point on so I should already be warping my next project if I want to keep something on the loom. Time to go digging in the weaving stash.


  1. Love the colors and the texture. Can't wait to see this one finished.

  2. I too, just love the colors. SO fresh . Keep it up Lady. Hows the finger now?

  3. Sometimes simple gives the best results-this one is a great example of that! It looks wonderful.

  4. I like the colors of this towel combination. Perfect for summer non? Kinda like summer skies, soft grass and lemonade and sunshine :)