Sunday, May 24, 2015

School's Out

I've been spending my Saturday's dressed like winter but it's all over now.

 Six weeks ago I went back to skating school after a six year break.

There are a lot of happy memories in this building.

Here's my lady friends getting a group skating lesson yesterday. Being a holiday weekend most of us were MIA.

They've been together for a long time. Here we are nine years ago in a holiday show.

 It's not just the friends and the ice that I missed. This rink has lots of warm comfy seating for knitting while you wait. Even after all this time the place feels like home to me. I'm so happy to be back.

Most of the seating has a bird's eye view of the action below on the two main rinks. There's even a couple more rinks out in the back.

Although skating school is over for the summer, I intend to keep breaking these new skates in. There are plenty of of other opportunities out there and I'm hoping to take advantage of them to practice all the new things I've learned in the past few weeks. I want to be ready when school starts back in the fall.


  1. Very cool! Enjoy your summer vacation! Lots of pup walking will keep you in shape!

  2. I envy your skating skills.
    I only did a little bit as a child, and never really got past the using a chair for balance. I was always terrified that I would fall down and some other better skating kid would run over my wrists and I would bleed out and die... no idea how that got into my head - but it did.

    And then 15 or so years later I met Dave. And on one of our dates we were comparing childhood battle scars... and he shows me one across his wrist. I asked... "how did you get that??" His answer... "Fell down when skating and another kid skated across my wrist..."
    I kid you not! I hadn't told him about my fear.... and I later confirmed the story with his grandma.

    1. The first time I took my kids skating, middle son ran over a kids finger on the ice. Blood was everywhere. I have no idea why any of them wanted to go back but they did. The boys played hockey and Daughter makes a living on the ice. Go figure.

  3. Ohh how wonderful! I skated as a kid. My father put a rink in our yard as we grew up. Then I took Skating in college at Miami of Ohio my freshman year. It was a fun class. learned first, to fall on my rear end!