Monday, May 11, 2015

Fiberlicious 2

 The Corriedale leftover skein is done. The plying didn't turn out as terrible as I thought. There were just a few kinks.

A good soak and a thwack took care of most of them.

It lost a little dye but since I was the dyer, I wasn't at all surprised. I'm not too good at it.

For odds and ends it's not bad if you don't mind wonky yarn and I don't.

I'm thinking this may be a lined hat. Scratchy on the outside with something soft on the inside-but not now. It's getting tucked away until next winter.


  1. Rainbowlicious! Very fun skein; Great job!

  2. I love your lined hat idea. Wonderful. Tuck it away and let it ripen a bit

  3. Looks great to me! (Define thwack please! LOL)

    1. Thwacking is when you take your wet yarn and beat it against something to distribute the twist. That's the noise it makes...thwack, thwack, thwack. It scares the cats and dogs.

  4. You did that? That's so cool. The colors are fun! It would be great for a bright happy kindle cover or something of such, non?

  5. That will make a fantastic hat!
    (And we still have dye leftover during rinsing too - especially on the really strong vivid colours - red and yellow are the worst)