Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Wash

 Some of the new Texel got a bath.

 I like to wash locks one at a time. It sounds like a chore doing it this way but it works for me.

 I get a little production line going and a handful is done in a flash.

It was done so fast I decided to wash a handful of the really dirty Shetland I had leftover from last year.

The sun was at its best today. Everything dried in a flash.

By the time I set up the carder, it was all ready to go.

One big batt turned into four nice nests. They are all being put away until the TdF.

The Texel is not very soft but it spins like a dream. I think it might make good socks so I'll spin it white and dye some fun stripes later.


  1. The Texel really washed to a much whiter color! It will be a great son!