Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two Bags Full

I've been washing the new Texel X fleece lock by lock.

 I've got a box full of combed fluffs in the process of being spun.

It is a very short staple wool but it has lots of crimp and bounce making it easy to work with.

Among the well defined locks is a lot of riff raff that is not going to be able to be washed one at a time so I gathered up a few handfuls and stuffed them in a laundry bag.

 Two bags full to be exact.

 It is a very clean fleece without much grease so it got just a bit of a soak before it got its scouring.

It washed up well but then came the really hard decision of what color to make it. It's all going in the carder so I wanted a mish mash of colors.

Now I've got some red and silver gray which actually looks pink and white to me. Oh well,  I'll just have to keep washing and dyeing until I get a rainbow-or at least one handful of every color dye I own. 


  1. There is a lot of good wool work going on! The Texel really washes up so white-very nice. It will be fun to card up a rainbow!

  2. You are one the most involved knitters I know. From soap to dye to spin to knit do it ALL!!! WOWZA

  3. All that white looks so pretty on the spindle!

  4. Wow, so much work! I'm exhausted following your pictorial. The spinning sounds like cute cat names, "crimp and bounce"