Friday, May 8, 2015

Dog Daze

 Yes, that's a dog stroller. Our 14 year old Maltese can't keep up anymore with the new pup so getting one made complete sense-to me. The Mister isn't quite on board yet.

The old dog loves it and I don't have to carry her everywhere we go any longer. I wish I had bought one for Dear Old Doggie. Life would have been so much easier.

 I think the cat was jealous.

 Pup wasn't. She hated it. She jumped right out and ran away.

 As long as she has those fast little legs she doesn't see the need for it but one day....well, you know-and it happens so fast.


  1. Good for both of you! Getting to be outside and post of life ifs good for all of us!

  2. I see a lot of people around here with them, even for their cats. I know some people laugh, but I think it's brilliant! Best wishes for many more walks together for all of you. :-)

  3. Why are our husbands so slow to embrace the obvious. I was told to walk mine only after dark...

  4. The grass is so Spring green, it's gorgeous. Old and new the dogs are cute and I'm glad they get to enjoy the outside in whatever way makes it happy. I support the stroller if it makes it easier for you to enjoy them and the outdoors as well. Is that your cat? I am a big fan of the gray tabbies. oh who am i kidding, there are very few cats I'm not a fan of!

    1. That is Hoover. He adopted us this winter. He's a sweet old thing.

  5. She looks like she enjoys the ride and can probably be out and about more.

  6. look at that green expanse. how truly lovely. the dogs are so happy. great idea.

  7. Hoover definitely looks like he wants to ride also. Cute photos!