Friday, May 29, 2015

Staycation Part 3

 In spite of installing this fancy alarm system the day after the break in, Daughter has her mind set to go.

 I don't mean going gently.

I mean bugging out. As in, like yesterday.

 Since they have been in Boston all week hanging with the glitterati of the skating world, I've been here all alone kitty sitting and packing for her.

I think they know something's up.

 Let's just say that we've gone through a lot of kitty treats so I can get things done.

The Mister's been dropping in to do some repair work. Shelves have to come down and counter tops need re-positioning. I did some mowing after the packing was done.

 There has been a bit of knitting during the down times. I have one sock finished and another on the needles.

The heel has been turned on this one and I'm heading down the foot.

I also always bring a project that I've grown weary of back at home. I'm a captive audience so I'm enjoying some paper piecing with renewed interest. Truth be told, I haven't gotten much sleep here so staying up all night with a project-any project seems like a plan. I'm going to need a real vacation after these two creepy staycations. I'm pretty much worn the hell out already and the moving truck will be here Saturday.


  1. I don't blame her for moving; I wouldn't forgive the apt for being broken into! You need some rest! The socks are so pretty, I love the Fair isle looking one; I loved those from Regia!

  2. What kind of treats do the cats like? Mine a very fickle. They love BEACHSIDE crunch from Friskies. Well, Pie and Fezzik love that one.
    You are a good momma that's for sure!

    1. Daughter buys Temptations in all their different flavors and then mixes them in the can. My cats will only eat the Party Crunch in the blue bag. I think it is the seafood one. They are very finicky but I just discovered they love the cheapo Purina cat food in the blue box from the grocery store so I give them a handful of that for a treat.

  3. Dang there is a lot going on at your staycation! Your daughters cats are super cute. I like the looks they are giving the camera. They definitely know something is up.

    Please for us sewing/quilting morons explain the paper piecing. I had to look this up and I still don't get it. Why is this technique special? Why is it not used all the time? Paper and fabric seems like more for me to screw up!