Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Bit of a Hold Up

 I made three Jacob batts during my staycation from The Mister last week.

I have one bobbin already spun from three previous Jacob batts and now I need to spin the new batts onto another bobbin so I can do some plying.

 I am almost out of yarn for my crazy Crepidula vest so all this needs to be done asap.

I am on my last color section and then I get to take off for the arms and continue down the body to the hem. This is a big section of stockinette and I'm going to need a lot of yarn so until I get it spun this project is going to have to be put in time out for the duration. All of sudden it seems I have more projects in time out than I have WIPS. I must be doing something wrong. I was more productive when I had my thumb in a splint.


  1. The spinning is calling me....this looks great. You have all your other fingers in a lot of pies, that's why!

  2. THere's no way you were more productive with your poor injured thumb