Thursday, May 28, 2015

Staycation Part 2

 The Mister finished up last week over at his mom's house leaving me alone again for three days but this time it was not a happy affair. Far from it. I made a mess in the kitchen again but this time it was to distract myself from some major issues at hand.

 First I made a bunch of different colored glycerin bars. This is a simple melt and pour project in the making. I was trying to make myself happy about being alone in the house when I was anything but.

I shredded those bars into a mold reserving a bit for shaving into curls for the top. The day before The Mister left, Daughter's house was broken into. She was out for a couple of hours in the morning and returned home to find everything topsy turvy. They kicked in her door and ransacked the place breaking up her furniture and even pulling a panel out of the closet wall. They were looking for something and they seemed to know where to look. It was like something out of a movie.

 I made something happy and fun with lots of color and glitter. It was hard to be here all alone in the woods in the dark for those three days The Mister was gone. Daughter's incident scared the you-know-what out of me. The bad guys walked off with all their electronic doo dads. The really scary moments were when she couldn't find her cats. The bad guys left the door open and they could have escaped. Luckily they must have been scared by all the ruckus so they hid in the house like good little kitties. The police found them and secured them until they allowed Daughter back in. It was a long day. The Mister and I hurried over to help them clean up and fix the door and broken furniture.

 I got a bit carried away with this project. That's a lot of soap for just personal use. I used a very happy new scent called Island Nectar. It's really yummy. It smells like passion fruit and jasmine. Daughter and her hubby got a fancy new alarm system the next day. I want one.

 I love the way this project turned out but I was too scared to get into the tub with it while I was alone in the house. By the time The Mister got home, I was pretty grungy.

Right now I am up at Daughter's in the alarmed house babysitting the cats while she and her hubby are in Boston. She is getting an award from an ice skating organization at their yearly conference with her idol Michelle Kwan so she reluctantly had to go leaving me to hold down her fort until she returns.

We've got bets going about how many times I set off the damn alarm system. I'm more scared of it then of the bad guys returning for seconds.

I also made some lavender bars using lots of essential oil to take with me. Isn't lavender good for creating a calm and comforting environment? I sure hope so. I'm anything but calm. Yowza-and these are supposed to be my golden years.


  1. Such beautiful bars of soap from such angst! I'm so sorry for the break-in upsetting but I am glad it is only property damage. The world is full of rotters; we need more soap to clean up the world!!!!

  2. First of all, I'm SO sorry about your daughter's house getting broken into. It's so violating and scary. I hope you all remain safe and no one comes again.

    On a happier note, these are SUCH beautiful soaps. So pretty and happy in their summertime Popsicle shades. I swear I can smell them!

  3. all good bubbly thoughts coming your way. Love the orangey soap. The charcoal soap you sent is PERFECT for smelly summer feet!!! love that effect of charcoal on odors!!

  4. Those bars look amazing!

    Glad no one (including cats) were hurt in the break-in - but that is very upsetting.

    And don't worry about bad guys at your place... you can defend yourself.... just toss a bucket of lye at them!!!!