Saturday, May 9, 2015

Knitting in Style

I love getting stuff in the mail. I order stuff all the time but this particular delivery gave me a real senior moment.

Webs? Did I order something from Webs in the middle of the night and forget? I do stuff like that.

 Now I get it. I didn't order this at all. Someone sent them to me and I knew who right away.

 I was coveting her needles in a post comment and darned if she didn't send me a pair.

 Some mighty cool StitchKeepers came along for the ride.

 They are dreamy needles. I can't thank elns enough. This is not the first time she has surprised me.

 She has a genious for gifting. She could make a living from it.

 I had some pink Opal ready to cast on so now it's all tucked safe and sound in my new bag from Wandering Cat.

Speaking of Wandering Cat, look what is going on with that yarn she sent me. That is crazy amazing and I love it. Gradient stripes inside of stripes. Who does that?

Thank you Ellen and Valerie! Pretend friends (as kathy b calls her blog buddies) are the bestest!


  1. Just beautiful! And it is so nice to see them out to immediate use; the best way to say thank you!

  2. Oh hooray for the best kind of mail! Presents! Lots to celebrate now that your finger is healed. !!!!!!

  3. I can't take credit for the stripes - Stripes are Mom's department!