Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The End of Advent

I couldn't take it anymore. Daddio had an appointment for some scans a few days ago and I HAD to take some knitting along for the wait. Picking up the lace with the bum thumb was crazy but it's all I wanted to work on. I am obsessed with it.

 I really wanted to finish along with everyone else today in the Advent Scarf KAL but it didn't happen and it's really annoying me.

The thumb is really not an issue anymore. I've gotten used to being without it. It's healing very nicely and it should be only a terrible distant memory very soon.

 Still, I've only managed to finish two days worth- days 16 and 17 and two spacers since the big boo boo. The beads are tricky. Very tricky.

This is just pitiful. Instead of my big Christmas Eve finish I have only half of what I expected to have done. The plan now is to just do day 19 and day 21 which completes all the December birthday patterns and then finish up with day 24. My new goal is New Year's. I'm sure there are at least a few others in the KAL who fell behind as well. Time to head over to the forum for a chat. Misery loves company.


  1. What you have finished (against all odds!) Is very pretty! Make a new goal and just keep knitting!

  2. Just to cheer you up, I am still on Day 17 from 2010, and my thumb was working just fine.

  3. Take heart! I am still on Day 18 of 2010 and haven't touched more recently than early this year. Maybe 2015? (In more ways than one, it's going to be a very long scarf, that's for sure!)

  4. Oh but who cares because its the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern.

  5. I'd say you have gone over and beyond the norm for Dec. Good luck with your new goal.