Friday, December 12, 2014

On Schedule

 In spite of my Advent Scarf obsession my pile of dishcloths is getting bigger. I'm going to easily make this deadline.

 I've even bought three more balls of cotton in some wild colors that I'll use in the New Year. You can never have enough washcloths.

 My Grinch-a-Long Jingle socks are well on the way to the toes.

I LOVE this side by side sock knitting thing. It's faster than 2 at a time using the Magic Loop and much less fiddly.

I'm also rounding the corner on my sampler challenge. I will be ready to start January in January if I don't cheat and start it sooner.

 Now, if I can only get those Christmas towels woven in time, this year will be a win.


  1. Excellent progress! I especially like the socks but can't wait to see what the towels will look like!

  2. 2 at a time socks with out using magic loop? Do you have a link to more information. I really want to try socks, and this sounds like a really great idea.

    1. There is no trick. I'm just using regular old doublepoints but knitting a little on one and then knitting a little on the other. Somehow they knit up in a flash this way and stay beautifully in sync. I learned it from kathy b on her Irish Eyes blog.

  3. Ohhhh I LOVE the woven progress, your colors are perfect