Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Big Christmas Purge

 I blame it on a big cup of Starbuck's Holiday Blend. Very early yesterday morning I couldn't stop myself from shelving all the Christmas doo dads. This year I intended to stretch the holiday out until the weekend but I just couldn't do it.

All the little things that were in my way had to go. I have things to do and Santa isn't a part of it anymore. Not until next year.

 Purging also means organizing all the nooks and crannies that the stuff has to be squeezed back into. It was a massive undertaking.

 Taking apart the Santa puzzle took forever. See ya next year fellas.

I traded the Christmas smells in for some Warm Woolen Mittens-which does not smell anything like real wool mittens.

 Daddio's holiday table runner was traded for a sampler I made ages when I was learning to weave. What I really need is another quilted table runner for winter that is not holiday themed. I need to get on that.

 Those three red and green towels I slaved over all last week are tucked safely away with the rest of the Christmas linens and I can't wait to get something else on the loom. First I have to get the trees down but that is a job for another day. I ran out of gas about noon.


  1. Ha - I figure I'll leave my stuff up until New Years. The only thing that's bothering me are all the presents still all over the dining room table - but most of those get taken to their recipients tomorrow, so I'll have my table back soon!

  2. I know the feeling! Normally I would put mine away today but we have a grand daughter b-day party to go yo week is a good time, too.

  3. PS- the towel looks fantastic hanging in hour kitchen!

  4. Not sure when ours will get tucked away. Hubster wanted to do it yesterday, but that is our annual movie going day and then we went to a hockey game. Today he is busy repairing ceilings in our house and at his mom's, so I get one more day of reprieve from the tear down.

  5. That made me smile because we are still getting stuff out! Not that we're slow or anything...... Tomorrow is DD's birthday and we're having a surprise party. At least we hope it is a surprise!

  6. We are so on the same page. As soon as Al drove off to Michigan this morning, fireman and I packed all but the tree away! Our house is just too small for all the doo dads. I love the holiday stuff but I LOVE the put away too!