Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Loot

  I really raked it in this year. Santa by way of my dear family was very generous. Daughter found these sheepy pj's. I could live in these all winter.

 Middle Sister gave me new Crocs to add to my colorful collection....

 ...and not one but two gift wrapping stations. I intend to stuff them both.

 Little Sister crafted these sweet little guys. They are too cute to get stashed away.

 Dear Daughter in Law gave me my favorite peppermint bark. I'm trying not to eat it all before New Years.

 Every year the kids and I put out a list of 5 things we would like to have to simplify shopping. This year I only asked everyone to gift me their favorite DVD in order to expand my collection. The Mister came up with these. I am more than suspicious that these were NOT his all time favorites.

 Daughter came up with these. Now they make sense given her love for ice skating.

 Her Hubby gave me these along with a download of The Interview. I've already watched Die Hard and I can honestly say as silly as it was, I did enjoy The Interview.

 Son and Daughter in Law gave me these. I have to wonder about those two. Knowing them, I was expecting science fiction and subtitles-but I guess it takes all kinds.

Middle Son didn't surprise me at all with his choices. I got a Jason Schwartzman triple play and I couldn't be happier.
I usually watch movies while I sew and since I have 12 more costumes to make plus three enormous backdrops, I am very grateful for them all.
Thanks everyone!


  1. Glad it was a great Christmas! Here's o many happy movie hours!

  2. You sew costumes, too! You are truly amazing!

  3. ohhh CROCS in great colors! ohhh I love peppermint bark! I want the INTO THE WOODS mOvie when it comes out! I LOVED it

  4. You got spoiled! And some great movies in there - I got my brother a Blues Brother t-shirt in Chicago this year. It's one of our favourite movies - we can recite it line by line.