Friday, December 26, 2014

Stick a Fork in It

 On the 23rd of December I made the plum pudding.

 While it was steaming, I cut the loose ends off my THREE Christmas towels that were indeed very much done in time for Christmas Eve dinner.  I had no idea I had enough warp for three but when I got to the end of number two on the evening of the 22nd I realized I still had a way to go. I was not happy but I learned then that you can weave a towel in a day. I wanted those towels done and the loom put away by the 24th and I did it. Yay me.

 On the 23rd we also took our annual trip to Homestead Gardens with Daughter.

 Several new ornaments/kitty toys followed me home.

 We came home to light the last of the Hanukkah candles...

 ...and feast on latkes and applesauce while the Christmas Eve lasagna was baking in the oven.

Around midnight I was cleaning up the last of the cookie mess and counting the minutes until this holiday was history. I love the holidays but man was I tired.


  1. Beautiful towels. They could not have turned out better!
    Im kind of sad today that' its over and that my daughter leaves tomorrow....
    Im trying to think of it as a continuum...but the goodbyes kill me and Fireman

  2. The towels look fabulous! the thought of real absorbent towels is making it hard for me to resist buying a loom!

  3. Your towels are awesome! Looks like you had a nice celebration. Happy New Year-almost!