Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's a Wrap

The hardest part of the soap making adventure was figuring out how to wrap it. It needs to be airtight or it will weep and dry out. I wrapped it in plastic and then put it in a cellophane bag that I stapled shut with a label attached.

 Since scissors and I are not on speaking terms right now I went out and bought a mini paper cutter. I love it.

Earlier, I had also picked up an edging punch for my cards. I love it too. I want more.

With those two new toys, I cranked out the labels for the soap and a lot of Christmas cards in no time at all. The hardest part was the bows. I have a hard enough time tying them with all fingers working. Without a thumb tying anything is not a lot of fun. Try it and see.

 In answer to all the comments about my wrapping all those gifts under my tree, I have to confess. I didn't wrap a single one. The Mister did them all and he did them before the thumb incident. I hate to wrap and he likes it. It takes all kinds.


  1. Against all odds, you are making this all happen! Yippee!

  2. The cards look great! Aren't those paper cutters handy? We have one for the studio for our labels and cards and such!

  3. Ohhhh a paper cutter! WONDERFUL I want one.
    Your tinsel looks amazing. Heal finger heal

  4. Nice work! You are amazing, all those wonderful things you know how to do. Have a Merry Christmas!