Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fruitcake Weather

 It's no joke. I love fruitcake. I love it in spite of the fact that one of my earliest memories is when I upchucked it in a store while Christmas shopping with my grandmother. I still remember the humiliation and tears. My Meme learned the hard way that grape soda and fruitcake is not a good combo for five year olds.

 Every year I make my own on Thanksgiving weekend and store it away until about a week before Christmas.

 I give my sweet little loaves a light dunking in corn syrup boiled with water and brandy before they get wrapped.

One loaf for me. One for Number One Son-who is also a fruitcake junkie and one for Middle Sister. No one else I know can tolerate even the tiniest taste which is fine. More for me.
I should also mention that is one of my handwoven dishtowels underneath. The fact that I can do that stuff still tickles me to death.


  1. We used to get a loaf from my Grandmother every wasn't loved. And a cheese ball from a neighbor sent fair much better-good memories! Ha.

  2. The cakes look beautiful on that pretty handwoven towel.
    I love fruitcake. I would fight you for the last piece.

  3. Im thrilled for you that you love the fruitcake and your own towels. THEY are both really wonderful. Ive mailed the lace weight off to you... Hope it likes its new home.

  4. I have never had fruticake, and with it's reputation, not sure I want to even try it. LOL

  5. I really should try making fruit cake. Mom and I are the only ones who like it, so we usually just pick one up at the grocery store. But it's so darn expensive!