Thursday, December 4, 2014


When Daughter asked me to make all those hats for her last month, I ended up with a big bag full of leftovers. Good thing. She hated the hats I made her so I had to make her new ones using what I had left.

In my defense, I told her that small tight hats might not be a good thing. They look cute but they don't do the job when the cold wind blows. She found that out the hard way during our last Polar Vortex episode. I didn't panic when all this came to pass because at this gauge, hats fly off the needles in the time span of a couple of sitcoms.

 I had these three made in a flash. I kept the black one for myself.

After the new sizing met with her approval, I knocked out this one to match her skating team's colors. Now I need to come up with an oatmeal one for her and this project will finally be a done deal. I hope.


  1. Wow, THREE? I am dying to finish a stupid baby hat today! They look great. I am glad you kept the black one, that's gonna be snazzy AND toasty!