Thursday, December 11, 2014

Say It AIn't So

How many days until Christmas? Not enough, that's how many. I had such big plans but I got sidelined by a project that has now become an obsession.

The 2014 Advent Scarf  started calling my name about the same time Knit Picks was practically giving their yarn away. I got these skeins of Gloss Sterling for $3.99. The beads came from Walmart for $1.50. That's my kind of project.

 The problem was that my yarn didn't come until the 3rd and the KAL started on the 1st so I spent a very late night trying to catch up. By 3am I was barely able to count the stitches so I had to call it quits. I did find the time to get in that last beaded spacer row before the next pattern piece was released but it was a painful slog. I realized then I wasn't going to be able to keep up so I decided to only do every other day.

That's not really much of a defeat because as you can see, my 2011 Advent Scarf is HUGE. It's gorgeous but it is so long it really can't be worn without wrapping it around you like a wooly mummy. A scarf half that size would be prefect. Just perfect.

 While I was doing my cyber shopping for the scarf yarn, I also threw three green skeins in the cart for next year-if I am so inclined to do this crazy thing again. They were $2.99 each. Insane.

I also picked up these balls of the now discontinued Felici is a fallish colorway that will get tucked away until next year. Maybe. I am getting a wee bit sick of the red and green already. This may be the January remedy for the post holiday blues.


  1. Reality sure does mess up our ideas.......

    I love the choices you have made with the yarn! I just got an order from KnitPicks and realized I didn't order the Superwash Wool of the Andes Bulky but the regular wool one....rats! When you make kid hats, you need superwash. Now there isn't enough time to get the right yarn and still knit three hats......plan B called for is right!

  2. Oooh- I want to see that scarf blocked out!

  3. Good Felici pick. Love it. I just bought some acrylic.....for me. Your advent scarf is gorgeous! so elegant. So Victorian!