Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sagittarius in Mass

We've got a slew of December birthdays in the family. Mine was yesterday, Son's is today. His dear wife's is the 19th and Grandson's is on the 21st. Yikes. That's a lot of candles between us.

Last Christmas I put together an album of all the holiday pictures. I have all the December holidays and birthdays now in one place.

That includes my precious collection of Santa photographs. That's today's birthday boy showing Santa how to lay his finger aside of his nose. Ahem...

 Santa pix were a big deal back in the day.

 The lines were long but the wait was worth it.

Here is birthday boy and the soon-to-be two year old birthday boy last Christmas. I'm still waiting for an official Santa pix of Grandson for my collection but until then this one will more than do. There's no better Santa than Daddy, is there?


  1. We own the month here, too with five birthdays and an anniversary! Never boring! Good memories in that album!

  2. Your December sounds like our August! Nice Santa photos. Our youngest GKs only scream in them. Love your Christmasy socks, too! Hope your thumb is feeling lots better.

  3. no better and I saw mommy kissing santa claus

  4. We are a load of Saggitarians here too (and one lowly Capricorn)
    Happy Birthday to your Archer crew!

  5. I'm of Judy's people. August is Birthday extravaganza in our family too! December though you have the holidays all rolled in there, sheesh! i LOVE the photo album. Really special and sweet. Thanks for sharing your family photos. It gave me warm fuzzies. Lots of December love :)