Sunday, August 31, 2014

Post TdF Finish

 That crazy spindle project I had left over from the Tour is done.

It was the project that came from the batt I had made ages ago and then plied with three shades of blue merino.

 It's certainly on the wonky side but it's fun. You can't see it but it even has sparkle. I am anxious to swatch it to see what it would be good for. I'm thinking some fun mitts.

Here's the new grand total from this year's TdF and there is still more of almost all of this on all three wheels. I wish I could knit faster.


  1. Very nice assortment of yarn! I like the tertiary colors on the new skein!

  2. Wonky rocks!! I LOVE the new yarn

  3. Love your new handspun, fun mix of colors. Can't wait to see the mitts.