Tuesday, August 26, 2014


My lonely little Shetland ball needs a project.

I want it to be a vest for this winter but look at how many wraps I am getting to an inch. It's not really winter garment weight so finding a pattern hasn't been easy.

 At the moment, I'm leaning toward Galiano by Megan Goodacre but I'm not sure if it's the vest or the haircut I like.

I've still got two bobbins to ply and this much left to spin so I'm not in too much of a hurry but in order to get my spinning mojo back with this project I need to have a reason to do it.


  1. I like the vest, and the hair... but the Shetland will be pretty in that pattern! It will be warm yet light to wear, a great combination!

  2. Beautiful handspun and I like the touch of lace on the vest. They would be a good match.

  3. Haha - I've fallen victim to "styling" before and like a pattern more for the clothes it was paired with than the pattern itself!

    As for vests - I really like Tracery
    You could pair it with one of your crazy rainbow spins!

    1. Oh, good golly....that is breathtaking!

    2. I thought that one would be right up your alley. I have the pattern and can send it to you if you like.

    3. Hmmmm......I wonder if I could convert it to an open vest with front bands by steeking? Might be worth a try. Thanks for the offer!

    4. One person has done it with a zipper.. I'll print it up and send if off to you - then you can take a look at it and decide!

  4. don't laugh at my denseness, but what does the wraps per inch tell you?

    I like the haircut and vest too.

    I think you always choose interesting projects. I'm curious to see what you end up doing.

  5. NOw teach me please…how do wraps per inch translate in your knit plans? I have no clue!!!