Saturday, August 2, 2014

Brain Work

 I had a rare quiet morning all to myself the other day so I took advantage of it to do some figuring. My new weaving kit has been calling my name but as usual there is an issue. The problem is that my loom is only 18 inches but most weaving drafts for dishcloths need at least a 20 inch loom. I have to make a lot of adjustments. It makes my head hurt.

I also have a puppy that loves to eat things so the warping board had to find a temporary home that was out of reach.

 It was actually a good thing. Standing up didn't hurt my back and it was easier to unroll the yarn once I figured out this box thing.

 I worked all morning and got this far. It's half the warp. I need about 350 ends.

Of course there was a false start and some yarn carnage. When will I ever learn to start on the BOTTOM peg of the warping board and not the top peg? I do it every time.


  1. Oh, I am having painful flash backs just looking at this post! The colors are exciting...happy warning to you!

  2. Your brain is in better shape than my brain.