Thursday, August 28, 2014

Off Season

 I started this autumnal cardigan last fall and when winter came I put it away. I'm weird like that. I can't work on projects that are distinctly seasonal when the season is over.

 Picking it back up has been a nightmare. It is a very simple pattern but I can't wrap my brain around it as you can see by all my pattern rewrites. Being cable challenged doesn't help. For the life of me I can't ever figure out which way they are supposed to go without a cheat sheet. Making it even worse is that I am trying to learn to cable without a cable needle at the same time.

I picked up a giant bag of this yarn from Knit Pick's orange and black sale last year and it's my first real go round with their signature WOTA worsted weight.  If I didn't have to keep ripping or dropping the cables back I would probably be enjoying it more because it's a very pretty color.


  1. Very pretty! Use a cable needle, much more secure. So what if there is an errant cable. :) it will just add to the pattern!!!! (Are you using a wooden cable needle-they are much easier to use)

  2. The yarn is a lovely autumn color and the stitch pattern is is very interesting. I've never had luck with cabling w/o a cable needle.

  3. Im completely seasonal too! hahaha. I love the work that you've already done…Wish I could help you….
    keep at it!!

  4. That's going to be one gorgeous cardi when you get it done!

  5. I never thought about it, but yeah I think I have this seasonal issue too. I have this bulky *ss cardigan that is languishing in the bottom of a basket in my bedroom for the very fact I couldn't finish it before the end of winter. I just hope I know where the heck I am with it, when I pick it up! I think my issue is weight of yarn, style of garment AND color, ha!

    I love that color and what you've knit so far looks so good and wearable. I throw you no shade about your knit notes and cheat sheets. I have a post it because I can never remember the difference between M-1L vs. M-1R no matter how many times I've knit them -- no shame.