Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Feet

 My "Grateful Dyed" colorway socks are proceeding nicely. For once I am enjoying all the crazy pooling and odd striping.

 Almost all of it. There is an oops right there on the front and I had to practically restrain myself from ripping back and sorting it out.

 See it now?

When you do all the fiddly heel stuff the color pattern always gets messed up and this time the green and the yellow met where they shouldn't to make a big light stripe and it drove me crazy for a while. Then I asked myself WWJD. That's What Would Jerry Do meaning Garcia, of course.

I'm pretty sure he'd say to just keep truckin' so I will. There's no telling what craziness is going to happen on the toes or on the second sock so I just better chill out and enjoy the ride.


  1. True, just keep knitting! My grandmother, who was a prolific producer of handwork used to tell me, " Can't tell on a trotting horse!" She produced quilts and crochet until she died at 83. It works for me!

  2. I love that yarn! That will be a great pair of socks.

  3. I love Delighted hands saying, Can't tell trotting on a horse!!!