Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh, Carp!

 Before I got this miserable cold I was happily winding a very pretty warp and loving it. I should have known it was all too good to be true.

To avoid danger,  I had even put in the lease sticks to save the cross before I pulled it off the warping board. Disaster struck anyway. It all became a tangled mess when I let the cross twist. I had forgotten about keeping the color order in pattern and just walked it over to the loom without a thought. Look at that mess. Now it's too late to do anything but....

...painfully wind it all back off and then back on again.

 What's really frustrating is that the blankety blank cross, which caused all the problems in the first place, is working just fine to help me peel off all the threads one by one.

As extra insurance for my next go round, I bought this DVD set to see if I can pick up some tricks on how to work with the super skinny stuff. My Craftsy class is all about weaving with worsted and 8/2 cotton is a whole other animal.


  1. Yup, didn't I tell you! The best tip is another pair of hands so you can keep the warp under tension to wind it. Find anther weaving friend!!!

    1. He doesn't know it yet but The Mister is going to be a master weaver before this is all over!