Monday, August 25, 2014

Brain Freeze

 Guess what I did yesterday.

 Here comes Middle Sister down the driveway. She thinks we are on the way to see Daddio in rehab but noooo.....

 She was nominated by me to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after I was nominated by a childhood friend I haven't seen in years. Lesson Number One: Don't let a man prepare the buckets of ice water. The Mister's concoction was brutal.

 This was nothing to him. He does the Polar Bear Plunge into the bay in January.

  The real reason we needed Sister to join us is that she has a smartphone that could upload our little adventure to Facebook. I have to confess: The Mister and I don't have one. Ours still flip.

 All night long I practiced my little speech. I was going to end it by singing "the cold doesn't bother me anyway" from Frozen but.... was so incredibly shocking to the system that instead I let loose with a naughty word and the serious threat of throwing up. It was that bad-but in a good way and for a good cause.


  1. Good job! Great spot to take the challenge!

  2. I love that you wore your apron for it!

  3. I was nominated and did it too! WE finally got to see yoU!! You are a beautiful one! more pics of you!