Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bye Bye

 It was a sign. When I went to pull out my knitting there were stitches already off the needle. The ones off the needle seemer better off than the ones on so.....

 ...off they all came and I began frogging.

 Two color frogging is not a piece of cake but I managed it.  It felt good. Those socks weren't speaking to me on too many levels to save them.

 I also discovered that my new guitar fingers minus nails have a hard time picking up things like little needles. This is going to be an adjustment.

 I need a project so I hit the giant under bed container of sock yarn. That's Pup in the end of the container, helping me pick out the right skein.

 She was pretty close. I dug out this gem from the 2013 MDSW.  It's from Wild Hare and this is the Grateful Dyed colorway. It was The Mister's pick of the day.

 Even winding it was fun.

I cast them on and got a bit done on the way over with The Mister to babysit the Grandson on Saturday. Knitting and babies-you can't get better than that.


  1. the perfect pick and perfect combination
    knitting and babies

  2. The new yarn looks so fun - I love knitting with "Happy" yarn!

  3. Oh Me too. Happy yarn makes me happy. Im off to the stash

  4. Au revoir unloved sock yarn! This new pair is to die for! Enjoy!

  5. Sometimes frogging just has to happen. I had to do the same with a scarf I started using my TdF yarn. The new yarn is terrific. What a fun sock this will be.