Friday, August 1, 2014

Diary of a Madwoman

This isn't a good thing. When you see my travel knitting bag and my Kindle in one place, things are bad. Very bad.

It means I am spending a lot of time doing this-again.

Things may be bad but I looked fabulous, darling, in my latest Color Affection. Hospitals are cold.

It was very sobering to walk into the emergency room and be greeted by a sign already warning of Ebola. Gulp.

I am an admitted germaphobe and this scared the you know what out of me.

As for the old man, it seems he is incapable of following even the simplest instructions from the doctor about keeping his new hip in place. This was our second visit to the emergency room in two weeks to pop the thing back in place. The surgeon is not happy. I am not happy. No one's happy but Daddio, who much to my dismay, seems to be enjoying all this attention a little too much.


  1. I would highly recommend the "care not a jot" approach and just pat yourself on the back and congratulations on finding so much unexpected spare time to knit and read.... keep safe from the bugs and thinking and praying for you all.....xxxxxxx

  2. I was wondering how Daddio has been.... sorry to hear this! At least you're getting knitting done!

  3. me too. have been thinking of Daddio. Sorry to hear he is up to his usual. Much love to the lot of you and prayers. Keep knitting. As for the sign... stay in Maryland.

  4. Oh dear. I'm so sorry that you and your dad are going through this again. Sending you hugs :-)

  5. ugh oh . Poor daddio and his hip. TEll him to STOP doing the hokey pokey