Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Travel Projects

 When I am stuck somewhere, I like to take along projects I have lost interest in back at home.

 I am adding the purple borders to the mosaic blankie I swore I would finish by Labor Day. The jury is still out on the purple next to the burnt orange but I'm running out of colors to try.

I also picked Daddio up from rehab yesterday for a consultation with his surgeon. I took along my happy socks because I was pretty sure that appointment was going to be anything but. I was right. There is more surgery in the future and rehab wants him out asap. Not. Happy.


  1. The mosaic knitting is coming along great! Glad the socks are happy-another surgery sure is not what you wanted to hear...

  2. oh dear…..this saga never ends for you.
    Happy Socks…much needed.
    One hour at a time….my friend.

  3. The mosaic blanket is just gorgeous and I like the purple/orange combo. I'm sorry the news wasn't better.

  4. The idea of more surgery for surgery gone bad makes me very sad. Glad you have that bright pair of socks with you and orange and purple are just the ticket. You can't go wrong on that blanket.