Monday, August 4, 2014

Practice Still Isn't Making Perfect

My quilt scribbling is finally finished so it's time to move on to other things.

Even though I still have a long way to go with controlling that darning foot, I decided to see if I could follow an easy pattern.

It's not as easy as you think it would be.

I ended up with some pretty terrible loops but I had an excuse.

There was a crazy dog sitting on the table trying to eat my gloves. At least she had the good sense to stay away from the moving parts of the machine.


  1. Too cute! Stand a few feet away and the stitching looks fine! No, it isn't as easy as it looks but you did fine!

  2. I do not even know how to thread a sewing impress me !!! GIve that sweet pooch a cookie

  3. Love the pretty prints and your quilting. Pup is such a cutie. Our dog goes a little crazy over work gloves. No idea why. :-)

  4. when the gloves go on.... it's time for the main event!

  5. Your quilting skills are miles better than mine - I was only quilting straight lines and from the look of it, you'd think I was drunk.