Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mrs. Clean

During the TdF I took a lot of pictures of me washing filthy fleece in my kitchen sink.  In case any friends or family noticed, I want to assure you that I get more than serious about the clean up. First, the whole area gets a bleaching.

 Then a rub down with Comet and a rinse.

 A wipe down with a disinfectant follows.

 Everything gets another good rinse...

 ...before the sink gets a bubble bath with some antibacterial dish soap.Then I usually dump the rest of the boiling water I used for washing the fleece into the sink for the last rinse.

Last but not least my own hands get a good scrub down. See? No one has to be worried about eating anything out of my kitchen. Nothing could survive the chemical warfare.


  1. But isn't a little extra fibre in your diet good for you?

  2. WOW. You are thorough!!! You could serve out of that sink!